Cranston’s engineers continue legacy of dam and levee specialization

July 10th, 2017 | By Meredith Boylan

Since the 1970s, Cranston Engineering Group has specialized in engineering design of dams and levees. The firm has left its stamp on such projects throughout the southeast, from Georgia and the Carolinas up to Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Virginia.

Most recently, Cranston’s work in this arena has continued through the development of Emergency Action Plans. Recent revisions in the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Rules for Dam Safety require that all owners of Category I dams in Georgia submit Emergency Action Plans (EAP) for use in the event of a developing dam failure or other uncontrolled release of stored water. The Cranston team has worked on five such plans this year, using computer modeling to perform breach analysis and inundation mapping for each dam. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Division have some more information about the important role of Emergency Action Plans in maintaining safety on their website here.