Cranston summer interns gain on-the-job experience

August 7th, 2017 | By Meredith Boylan

This past week, Cranston Engineering Group’s Augusta office said goodbye to its four summer interns. In a trade of real-world work experience for a few extra sets of hands, the college students aided our municipal, traffic engineering, development, and survey departments in a range of projects.

Penland Mayson, who has interned with the firm multiple times, said, “I always look forward to being able to work for Cranston again. The lessons the employees taught me have not only prepared me to excel in my college classes, but also prepared me for real world experiences.” Penland is currently enrolled at Georgia Southern University and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering with a minor in mathematics.

Russell Noah, Vanderbilt University Class of 2019, worked mainly with our municipal design group to gain experience in his pursuit of a civil engineering degree. About his experience Russell said, “I learned more at Cranston than I thought was possible. Between the people and the work, there was never a dull day. I am very grateful for the opportunity.”

Nick Wade described his summer at Cranston Engineering as, “one that I will never forget. My role here has been a valuable step in my career pathway and I would not trade the knowledge and relationships that I have gained this summer for anything. As I return to the University of Georgia to complete another year of my civil engineering courses, I can’t wait to apply what I have learned at Cranston.”

Daniel Richard, a rising sophomore at Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University, spent the last few months assisting our survey department. Daniel is pursuing a bachelor of science in Urban and Regional Planning. “As an aspiring transportation planner, I was intrigued to learn about another process crucial to a project/development coming into fruition. I’m happy to say Cranston Engineering offered me an exciting glimpse into the field of surveying. I am grateful for the opportunity and look to apply what I gained during my internship to my GIS class this fall.”

We appreciate the help from Penland, Russell, Nick, and Daniel this summer, and wish them well as they begin another school year.