Augusta’s Historic Sibley Mill to be redeveloped as innovative data center

October 17th, 2017 | By Meredith Boylan

Sibley Mill

The development of another local project is set to increase Augusta’s growing foothold in the cyber technology world. Cranston Engineering is currently providing structural and civil design services for the redevelopment of the historic Sibley Textile Mill into a data center with Cape Augusta Digital Properties, LLC. The project, known as Augusta Cyber Works, will include use of cutting-edge liquid-cooling and hydropower technologies as a means of making the center a regional leader in data storage and innovation.

The historic mill was built in 1881 and was in use for the textile industry  for over 130 years. The mill’s location on the Augusta Canal gives it access to hydropower for liquid-cooling technology, making it an ideal space for a data storage facility of this caliber. A primary goal of Augusta Cyber Works will be to further solidify the CSRA’s growing reputation as the country’s epicenter of cyber innovation.


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