Students 2 Work in full swing at Cranston firm

June 7th, 2018 | By Amanda Adams

Recently, Cranston Engineering Group’s Augusta office began welcoming this year’s summer interns from local colleges, but this year the firm is proudly participating in the Students 2 Work program also. This program gives Augusta metro high school students the opportunity to participate in internships and gain hands-on workplace experience. It is a Workplace Learning Initiative, which supports the Richmond County School System’s vision: to create a world-class, globally competitive school system where all students will graduate and are college/career ready. This initiative was developed by the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce to serve as an advocate system for public education to give extra preparation to high school students for the processes, policies, expectations, and structure of the area industries.

Joining the Cranston intern team for the Administrative Department are Kelsie Vanloo and Zyian Welcher.

Vanloo is a rising Senior at Glenn Hills High School, and Welcher is a rising Junior at the Academy of Richmond County. Both are interested in STEM studies, and they will be working on tasks or shadowing various employees to learn roles and procedures throughout the Cranston firm this summer. They are also looking forward to career advice offered by senior staff and other interns during their stay. Vanloo and Welcher have been working directly with seasoned administrative staff on several record-keeping, data entry, file making, digital filing, and custom relations management software tasks.

Update 07/24/2018: As the final days of the interns work at Cranston approaches, Vanloo looked back on her time at the firm saying, “My experience with Cranston Engineering Group as an intern has been astonishing for my first time working anywhere. Before knowing about this internship, I thought about picking engineering as my major in college, but I wasn’t too sure that it was the best fit for me. Coming here has changed my mind for the better because now I know what really happens and how everything gets accomplished.”

She continued explaining her experience at the firm by noting, “Cranston really cares about their clients and every little detail they put in to a project to make sure that the client is satisfied with the work. I learned a lot of new and cool things like how to file digital and paper projects,  how to communicate with a client or other colleagues; really paying attention to what they want and the results they are expecting, and how 3-dimensional prints work on a computer, etc. I feel that coming to Cranston has really opened my mind about pursuing a career in engineering, and I would enjoy coming back as a college-level intern in the future. I’ve learned a lot, but I want to continue learning more.”