Charleston Chapter celebrates Military Appreciation Day 2018

October 14th, 2018 | By Amanda Adams


The Charleston Chapter of Military Appreciation Day (MAD) held a celebration October 13, 2018, and MAD would like to thank the 39 captains who put 118 Active Duty Troops on the water on a beautiful October morning to make the event a huge success. Boat captains left from different ramps around Charleston County and Pier captains hosted Troops at the Folly Beach Pier.  Adventure Harbor Tours used their largest pontoon boat to transport 6 Surf captains and 17 Troops to fish the beach on Morris Island.

At the Captains Meeting, each Captain received a “MAD Charleston Chapter Commemorative Coin” and a chance to win 8 American flags flown in a local C-17 delivering supplies to a US base in Afghanistan, and everyone enjoyed an awesome dinner provided by Southern Que-N-Stew.

After a dinner on Saturday, troops were asked to stand, and their captains presented them with a MAD Commemorative Coin. This was followed by a delicious BBQ dinner provided by the Pioneer Smokers and music afterward by local band Fat Alice.

There were door prizes for the Troops: eight sets of cornhole boards (they were all signed by the captains and crew Friday night), twenty rod and reel combos, and a new Traxxas Slash RC truck.

The Charleston Chapter would like to thank Carolina Composites for their continued support and Rivers Edge Marina for hosting the event again. Thanks to Mark Hood and Lawson Construction for building the cornhole boards, and Hadrell’s Point who made the rod and reel give-away possible.  Thank you also to Adventure Harbor Tours, SIAC, SOAS Capital, Cranston Engineering Group, and all of our other donors for your continued support.

MAD 2019 Charleston will be on October 12, 2019.

This chapter, co-founded by Andy Bajoczky a Project Manager at Cranston Engineering Group, P.C.’s Charleston location.

The MAD website provides information on how to get involved by volunteering time, volunteering the use of a boat/captain, and becoming a donor. For details, visit

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The Charleston Chapter was founded in 2015 by MAD Volunteers who in previous years have traveled from South Carolina to participate in the Morehead City and Southport, NC events. The Charleston Chapter of MAD continues to promote the wishes of Military Appreciation Day, Inc.’s mission of “One, Simple, THANKS” to the great men and women of our Armed Forces by bringing the organization and event to South Carolina. Please keep our nation’s service men and women in your thoughts and prayers, because without their protection our freedoms would be taken away.


Military Appreciation Day, Inc is a 501(c)3 organization consisting of a board of directors and several committee chairs who coordinate the events that are carried out by legions of volunteers. It is important to point out that neither the board of directors, committee chairs or any volunteers receive any compensation, salary or stipend. We all labor for love of country and respect for those who defend it. There are several “Chapters” of MAD volunteers that oversee and organize MAD events in various locations. The original MAD Chapter is referred to as Morehead City. Though the first two MAD events in 2006 and 2007 took place at Fort Macon, NC; subsequent events have been in various locations and are coordinated by chapter committees.

Currently, there are 4 MAD Chapters: MAD Morehead City (North Carolina), MAD Southport (North Carolina), MAD Tidewater (Virginia), and MAD Charleston (South Carolina).