SCGS Engineers help with Hurricane damage assessments

October 26th, 2018 | By Amanda Adams

South Carolina State Guard Engineers(SCSG) worked in Marion County again on flood damage assessments after Hurricane Michael, the second hurricane in the area during fall 2018. Under command of LTC Marguerite McClam, the Engineers collaborated with Marion County, local communities, and the Department of Natural Resources to assess more properties in the nearby region.

Jake Eavenson, PE, SE, Branch Manager of the Cranston Engineering Hilton Head office, serves as a reservist member of the SCSG Personnel. Eavenson provided his time and expertise to flood damaged areas similar to those damaged in Hurricane Florence (CLICK HERE).

The SCSG Engineers used the latest technologies to collect pertinent information for appropriate officials to provide financial assistance into local communities for a rapid recovery from Hurricane Michael.

In the period of October 7-16, 2018, Hurricane Michael appeared as a Category 4 hurricane affecting millions people in the Southeastern states, including South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. According to a report from WLTX 19, thousands of people in the state of South Carolina lost power during the hurricane. The state’s emergency management team reported that more than 129,000 power outages occurred in the state.